1) Prices quoted are dependent on 'normal' circumstances, if unforeseen issues require additional work to be carried out then Mrepair Handyman Company reserves the right to charge for additional labour as required. Customers will always be consulted before any additional work takes place.

2) Material costs given on quotes are always an estimate AND MAY INCLUDE 25% HANDLE FEE;
availability issues may mean a higher price needs to be charged. Where requested 247Handyman will provide copy receipts for all materials bought on behalf of the customer.

3) Customers must make their requirements as clear as possible to their Handyman, we can only complete work to the customers satisfaction when we know all of the following:
a) Required finish.
b) Chosen colour of paint, sealants or grout.
c) Exact position of items that require permanent fixing. Mrepair Handyman will not be responsible where the above is not specified.

4)Mrepair Handyman reserves the right to request a deposit of 30% of the contract price at the start of work, this will be particularly relevant when the 247Handyman is required to purchase materials on behalf of the customer.

5) Payment will be due at the end of the work. Please pay by cash or cheque.

6)Mrepair Handyman will always clear and tidy the work area on completion, however removal of any rubbish will incur additional charges. (As a trade organization Mrepair Handyman is charged for rubbish disposal at the local recycling center).

E-mail: service@mrepair.co.uk